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MECCSoft LLC was born out of the desire and our passion to help small business owners with their business needs. Software provides the ability to reduce complexity and automate processes that small businesses struggle with every day. Our mission is to bridge the gap between business needs and software in a way that propels the business into the future.

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Full stack application design and development with years of business knowledge.

Web Applications

Fully responsive single page web applications.

Mobile Applications

Native mobile Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications.

Database Design

SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, and MySQL database design and optimization.

Cloud Technology

Deploy and scale applications using cloud technology.

Application Prototyping

High-speed minimum viable product development.

Microsoft Office Development

Excel Macros, Word & PDF Merges, and Access Databases.


Look at some of our recent projects.


Web Application


Database Optimization Training

Only Natural Pet Store

Database Optimization Training

Health Center Portal

Web Application


Access Application

Loss Tracking System

Access Application


Commercial grade, web app, and mobile development stack.

  • SQL Server

    SQL Server

    Database Development

    The SQL Server and SQL Azure database servers provide a rich and highly scalable data platform that fully integrates into the .NET Core development framework.

  • ASP.NET & .NET Core

    .NET Core

    Application Programming

    The .NET Core application framework is a cross platform development suite with all the power of the .NET Framework. This framework is the latest and greatest in the Microsoft development stack and will provide the scalability and power needed for the biggest of applications.

  • Angular Framework

    Angular Framework

    Web Application Framework

    The Angular framework, developed by Google, allows for the scalability of large sized web applications. Ideal for developing single page dashboard style web applications for all platforms. The modularized build strategy allows for a rich and responsive interface to be built with ease.

  • Ionic Framework

    Ionic Framework

    Native Mobile Applications

    The Ionic framework is used to move Angular web applications to native mobile applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This allows for the same codebase and user experience across all devices while taking advantage of the device hardware where needed.

Our Amazing Team

The expertise you need to drive your business forward.

Michael Emerick

Michael Emerick

Founder & Developer

Christian Coler

Christian Coler

Founder & Developer

Matthew Houseman

Matthew Houseman


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